FIUGE is a Finnish startup with a single goal: We want to revolutionize transportation by making it easy, cheap and green.

Our story began from our everyday lives. How is it possible that the streets are flooded with delivery trucks, cars and scooters? Couldn’t we make transportation smarter? How is it possible that our dirty living room’s carpet is still waiting to be transported to the laundry? Could someone just pick it up? How is it possible that I forgot my keys back home? Again! Who would be able to bring spare keys to my office during the next hour?

We came up with a solution that benefits us all: FIUGE. FIUGE allows businesses and individuals to send and receive goods. We provide our customers an easy, cheap and green way to ship. Carriers, on the other hand, can deliver when they are best suited. We make sure that packages are distributed to drivers as efficiently and rationally as possible. We want you to take it easy when FIUGE delivers the package for you.


We help individuals and companies to deliver goods in an easy, cheap and green way. We also provide flexible job opportunities for carriers.

Technology Consulting

We help you with wide range of technology consulting related to our Crowd & Sharing Economy platform. We are there for you if you like to set up your own sharing/crowd service. You only need an idea and we help you with the rest.

Crowd Services Platform

We provide all needed services for sharing economy companies to launch new services to the market quickly and easily without having to invest on building IT-services. The platform provides customer care, service / product management, inquiries, orders and contracts management, payment services, various efficiency and customer relationship analysis and customer demand analysis services as a unified cloud solution.


Jukka Tarkiainen

Founder, CEO, Product Owner

Alex Pått

Project Manager
040 624 7709

Jarno Mansikka

Head of B2B
040 660 9954

Zahid Choudhury

Moderator & Sales
045 877 2622

Henna Lazarov

IT & Moderator
040 153 2093


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